For over 50 years the specialties of the Marche

In the early 60, Nerino Mezzaluna, our father, he decided to realize his business idea: transform and market the meat of pigs of their domestic farming. It was a small family farms, this work was typically seasonal, it was done only in winter because in those days you did not have cold storage necessary for the maintenance of the flesh. At the beginning of the 70s the farm was transformed into an artisan company, the structure was enlarged and equipped with refrigeration systems and seasoning rooms modern and effcient, also with the hiring of employees (initially three), the “family” (this is the term used by our father to indicate the overall business of the company) and increased in parallel also the production. Our mission for the future is to maintain and improve more and more of our cold cuts, increasing the standard of quality and safety, with particular attention to the protection of animal welfare, continuing to realize only a niche product. This is our challenge for the near future that we will face much, with passion and dedication to the work that has been passed along. (Marco and Paola Mezzaluna)

The three basic steps for our quality

Rigid and accurate selection of the raw material.

The animals are slaughtered in our factory are sourced from local farms in the national territory and Fermo Maceratesee, part of the circuit-San Daniele Parma;

Wise processing.

With the experience gained over the years where nothing is left out, applying strict rules of health and self-control (HACCP), and a great passion for the art of charcuterie;

Aging plants highly technological.

With computerized systems for the management of the various stages of maturation. The location of the land in Fermo, nestled between the peaks of the Apennines and the Adriatic Sea, where the pleasant climate and clear air and dry the Sibillini … do the rest.

Our products

We offer a huge selection of quality products. Discover even in detail the characteristics and relive the ancient tradition of our land and our culture.

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